How To Place An Order
Here at Beyond Adaptive we provide products that make life easier for you every day of the year.
This means you have the ability to purchase these products through your Low Cost Assistive Technology Support budget.
If your NDIS plan includes this funding then we would love to supply your assistive technology needs.

What is Assistive Technology?
Assistive Technology is any device or system that allows individuals to
perform tasks they would otherwise be unable to do or increases the ease
and safety with which tasks can be performed.

The funding in your plan is for you to purchase Assistive Technology devices
which are considered basic (Level 1) low-risk, off-the-shelf items.
Basic (Level 1) Assistive Technology is low cost/low risk products from local
retail suppliers and need no or very little assistance to set up and use.

Paying for your assistive technology
Funding through the NDIS can be managed through:
·Self management
·Plan Management

To give you flexibility, we offer two ways you can place an order using your budget:


Add your items to the cart as normal, pay using your desired method and
send your paid invoice through to your plan manager for reimbursement or
claim money back through your portal if you are self managed.


If you do not wish to pay for products upfront, add your items to a quote instead of 'add to cart'.
Once you are ready to checkout, fill in the details and our team will email you back with an invoice.
This will enable you to send this through to your Plan Manager / NDIS portal. Once
your funds have been claimed and payment cleared, you will receive your items.


 When requesting a quote or invoice for items totaling $200 or less, there will be a charge of $20 to cover the time and costs involved for us to manually prepare this.

To avoid this charge, you can purchase the item/s from us online and you will be issued a tax invoice which you can use to claim back the cost of the goods through the appropriate NDIS channel.