Established by Chloe Kennedy, Beyond Adaptive became a mission of freedom through adaption.

Chloe, a C6 quadriplegic after a skiing accident in Italy in 2017, realised after
3 years she wasn’t doing enough of the things she enjoyed or being as
independent as she could be because it was too inconvenient, difficult or took
too long.

She started to source adaptive products that enabled her to be more independent and more efficient in her day to day tasks.
After successfully setting up her life to the point where she can now do so many tasks independently,
it has now become her priority to help others who feel restricted or confined by their injuries/conditions and give them a sense of freedom.

Maybe your life now isn’t what it was or it has never been the ‘norm’.
With the right adaptive products for you, take more control of your life.
Chloe is always sourcing manufacturers and suppliers that
align with her ambition to deliver functional products that are of good quality
and are aesthetically pleasing.

Why the chameleon?
Chameleons possess many physical adaptations which have developed to
help them survive.

Don’t force your body to do something it just can’t do anymore.

If you have a condition or suffered an injury which has affected your body in any way...
it’s time to focus on the things you can do, even with adaptive aids, to make your life easier and more efficient.

It’s called ADAPTING.