• $75.00

The Lap Baby is the perfect hands free solution to hold your baby safely and comfortably while pushing your wheelchair. Also very effective for those with weaker arms/hands who wouldn’t feel safe holding onto a squirmy baby unassisted.

Not even intended as a disability specific product, the LapBaby was designed so you could eat your lunch, work from home, do an on-line shop, play with another sibling or just enjoy a coffee with your friends. All while being close with your baby and having both hands free.

The Lap Baby is also a fantastic solution for travelling on a plane.

Lightweight and portable, it simply folds up and stows away in a small cloth travel bag. Includes easy-clean drop cloth for spills, and tether for keeping toys or dummy’s on hand.

Suitable for ages 3 months up (child must be able to support the weight of their own head)

Maximum adult waist size 54in / 137cm.
Accommodates infants with up to a 17-inch waist comfortably
138.43 x 1.27 x 13.97 cm; 363 Grams

Adult Belt: 100% Cotton/inner Pu Foam
Child Belt: 100% Polyester/inner Neoprene