• $150.00

A tool to help those with limited hand function insert 5ml Microlax enemas without assistance.

  1. Place enema into barrel (bottom half of inserter)
  2. Put the cover (top half of inserter) over the enema and twist to lock the cover onto the barrel
  3. Remove enema cap
  4. Push the cover down slightly so a little enema solution comes out (this just ensures the cover can move along the barrel smoothly)
  5. Apply sufficient lubricant
  6. Place hand through metal handle
  7. Bring hand with enema inserter around to the anus and insert the enema
  8. By using your wrist/arm, you just need to push upwards until the cover pushes out the enema solution

PLEASE NOTE: If using with very limited/no sensation of the anus, it is advised to practice with a support person first.

Rough or incorrect use of product could result in injury, perforation, bleeding and/or haemorrhoids.

  • Best used on a commode: push commode forward, just in front of toilet, so you have more space
  • If you are struggling to get all of the enema solution out, it is best to use 2x 5ml enema's. Don't force the inserter too hard as you could cause serious damage to the anus.
  • Ensure the cover is aligned properly so it moves down the barrel as smoothly as possible
  • Wash thoroughly after each use with soap and water
  • Recommended to soak in milton once a week

Made from PETG filament

Aluminium handle