• $30.00

For those with limited hand function, using face cleansers and rubbing them in well can be difficult. Try this fabulous face scrubber by Tooletries, super light weight and featuring an easy grip handle.

Designed with gentle silicone bristles for optimal exfoliation, this Face Scrubber makes for an invigorating addition to your grooming routine. The handy holder will keep it secure, hygienic, and within reach! 

Simply add your favourite face cleanser directly to the scrubber and massage onto wet skin.


1x Face Scrubber 6 x 5cm
1x Holder 7 x 5cm

Colour: Charcoal 

100% Silicone.

Grips strong to shiny surfaces.

No adhesives.

No suction cups.

Reusable and eco friendly.

Ideal Surfaces:

  • Glass/perspex
  • Mirror
  • Shiny tiles
  • Shiny marble
  • Shiny fibreglass
  • Gloss finished metal (fridge)

DO NOT use on these surfaces:

  • Wood
  • Unglazed tiles
  • Concrete
  • Textured/Uneven tiles
  • Prefabricated Fiberglass
  • Fibreboard/ Plasterboard
  • Mosaic tiles
  1. Clean the surface that you would like to apply the product to (make sure to remove cleaning product from service before applying product).
  2. The surface needs to be clean and dry before applying for the product to work.
  3. Place onto a Suitable Surface (as noted above).
  4. The product can get wet once it has been properly applied, do not apply water to contact surface, as this may cause the product to not stick.
  5. Peel the backing film off and place the product on the surface, from one side to the other, smoothing out any air bubbles as you go.
  6. For best results wait 12 hours before use.
  7. You should test it by pushing down on the product’s pocket or shelf to confirm sufficient attachment to the suitable surface.
  8. Do not overload the product.