• $12.00

The Safe Sip allows easy drinking and is spill-proof at any angle. Every safe sip has a super elastic grip and stays on no matter what. 

Perfect for all ages who may have weak grip, limited hand function or those with tremors, shaking or spasm. Also great for children who just spill their drinks on a regular basis!

Safe Sip fits virtually any drinking vessel and enables everyone to drink with dignity. From soft drink cans to cups of water to mugs of tea or even your glass of wine, Safe Sip gives you peace of mind, just insert a straw and enjoy!

They are also less expensive and less cumbersome than alternative drinking aids. Being so small and lightweight, they can be taken anywhere.

Made of food grade silicone.
BPA free.
Dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe.
Use with any kind of straw.